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    Inspire [ inˈspīr ] to infuse into the mind and to communicate with spirit via divine or supernatural influence; to animate, influence or encourage via divine or supernatural influence.


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      Ascended Masters / Bodhisattvas (0 Document)

      Who or what are they and how can they assist us in our spiritual evolution?

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      Angels (0 Document)

      A collection of information on Angelic Hosts of light such as:

      • Seraphim
      • Cherubim
      • Thrones
      • Dominions
      • Principalities
      • Powers
      • Virtues
      • Archangels
      • Angels
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      FYI (0 Document)

      This is a collection of various material and tools that will enhance holistic lifestyle wellness.

      • Aromatherapy Safety
      • Crystal Safely
      • Sacred Geometry
      • Holistic Pet Store information
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      Meditation (0 Document)

      Various mediation techniques and uses to help soothe the monkey mind.

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      Moon Cycles (0 Document)

      The impact of moonlight on biorhythms: animals, vegetables and minerals alike.

      • How they influence our emotions
      • What effects it has on wildlife and our domesticated animal companions
      • When is the appropriate time for planting
      • When should we clear out the old and welcome in the new
      • How tides impact on our environment
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      Organic Food (0 Document)

      What is it?
      Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods of organic farming – with limited modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, though organic pesticides, such as Bt toxin, a soil dwelling bacterium is used. (Definition from Wikipedia)

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      Practitioner List (0 Document)

      A compilation of holistic health care and energy practioners.

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      Prayers (0 Document)

      A compilation of effective prayers found throughout our travels.

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